1. What makes your dresses so cheap?

All our dresses are made & shipped directly from our factory. No third parties involved so no miscellaneous fees or third parties' profit is added to the prices.

2. Can you guarantee the quality of your dresses?

We have a professional designer team and we only use high quality fabrics so the quality of all dresses is 100% guaranteed.

3. What materials do you usually use on your wedding dress products?

Satin: A heavy, smooth fabric with a high sheen on one side; very common in bridal gowns.
Silk: The most sought-after, cherished fiber for wedding dresses (and also the most expensive).
Silk-Like Satin: A smooth silk satin, with a glossy front and matte back.
Chiffon: Delicate, sheer, and transparent -- made from silk or rayon, with a soft finish; often layered because of its transparency, making it popular for overskirts, sheer sleeves, and wraps.
Taffeta: Crisp and smooth, with a slight rib.
Tulle: Netting made of silk, nylon, or rayon; used primarily for skirts and veils (think ballerina tutus).
Organza: Crisp and sheer like chiffon, with a stiffer texture similar in effect to tulle, but more flowing; popular for skirts, sleeves, backs, and overlays.

4. How can I choose my size to order?

You can choose a standard size or give us your custom measurements. Please see our Size Chart>> For the accurate measurements you can provide to us, we strongly suggest reviewing the information in How to Measure>>
Even if there is some fluctuation in the size you need, all our dresses are made with a margin for modification or alteration. The modification or alteration can be made by your local tailor.

5. What modifications or alterations are normally taken to a dress to make it perfectly fit?

There are many alterations can be made:
1) Back seams and Side Seams –Even if the wedding dress is ordered to size, the back and side seams in the torso can also be taken in or let out to make the dress fit a bride. Usually the side seams are allowed to be let out up to 3 inches or 1-2 sizes that depending on gowns. Additionally, the back seams often are allowed to be let out slightly to size up further.
2) Shoulders - It is also common for shoulder seams to be taken in to bring up a gown.
3) Hem - The length of a dress can be affected by the height of the shoe you are planning to wear. The length can be shortened only, either from the waist or by taking up the hemline.
4) Bustle - The bustle is a way to hold the train up from inside so that the dress can be worn comfortably during the ceremony. To bustle a dress is part of the alterations for any gowns that has an attached train.

6. How much does alterations cost?

Many factors should be taken into consideration when it refers to the overall cost of your alterations. Obviously, it depends on the city you live, the seamstress you choose, the designer and details of your gown. If you want to change the style of it in some way, that may also increase the cost of your alteration. We have included below some guidelines to give you an idea of how much seamstresses generally charge for each type of alteration.
Hem (alters length) $75.00 and up
Side Seams/back seams: (alters fit of bodice) $45.00 and up
Shoulders: (raises gown up) $25.00 and up
Sleeves: (to alter length) $35.00 and up
Sleeves: (to change style) $40.00 and up
Bustle: (keeps train up for ceremony) $85.00 and up. The style of bustle will vary depending on the length of the train, the silhouette of the gown, and the fabric. Your seamstress will help you decide which bustle is best for your dress.
Bra Cups: $25.00 and up

7. Do I have to pay import duty?

As far as we know, most of the countries do not charge import duty on low volume personal imports. However, please find out the regulation of your own country before you make the decision.

8. How many countries do you deliver to?

We can ship any of our products to any countries. That's what we called "WORLDWIDE".

9. When should I order?

Depending on what product you order, It will take 10 - 25 days for the order to be delivered from the design to your doorway. So please calculate the time and place the order in advance to leave us enough time working on it. By doing so, it affords you an easy time span to modify or make alternations if necessary.

10. What payment methods do you accept?

Currently we only accept PayPal. You can use your credit cards to make payment through PayPal.

11. Are there new dresses?

Yes, all dresses are brand new from factory.

12. How do I contact Customer Service?

Our customer service team is well-trained, friendly and professional. And our goal is to always make our customers satisfied. If you have any questions, concerns or feedbacks, please do not hesitate to contact our customer services representatives.